Dye day as the weather turns


Just finished dyeing one of the 2 Shibori- handwoven scarves woven earlier this year. Actually the dyeing took place last Tuesday as the temps were dropping, but no warmer days to do this in the near future. So the dyes were prepared In the garage. The scarves with the pattern warps pulled have Procion MX dyes painted onto each side. The scarf was then rolled up in plastic wrap. The temps outdoors had dropped below 70 degrees, so no curing to be done outside in the sun. The scarves were microwaved to steam the dye and left to sit inside until the following day to rinse out.  Procion MX dyes need temps above 70 degrees to set.

Boysenberry Handwoven Shibori

The completed Boysenberry Handwoven Shibori scarf. It reminds me of the petunias in my garden this summer.

Hand woven  Shibori scarf  Blues 2014

The second scarf was dyed with a Royal Blue and Green. The patterning has a wood grain effect.



10 thoughts on “Dye day as the weather turns

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  1. Your scarves are stunning!

    Isn’t it interesting how the weather affects how we work? I did a mad rush indigo dyeing session just before the end of October and forgot to bring the container inside…..it is now frozen solid in the middle of our yard.


  2. You said that your second scarf was dyed with royal blue and green. the green looks like a blend or mix of some kind? If so what other color was used. It is such a lovely combination. Did you use that same green on the boysenberry scarf as well? I am assuming you did a thread resist but maybe you used a big cylinder instead to do a push/gather technique. Can you clarify please. I would love to make one for my daughter.


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