And They’re Hemmed

Twill white sqsThese are the finished towels from the post “Spring has Sprung”. I had fun playing with different combinations of ways to treadle.Twill White SqI created borders on each side of the towel. That way however it’s hung up there is a pretty border design.twill stripe sqsThis is the last design I wove. There would be many other combinations if I just hadn’t run out of warp. I wove 6 towels total.
Off to the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference tomorrow. Hoping for inspiration!

12 responses to “And They’re Hemmed

  1. Lovely! Those will be snapped up at the sale!


  2. Nicely finished Barb. I think the borders really show them off and make each one unique.


  3. Not my favorite colors but amazing what all patterns you obtained from a simple stripe warp. Love that.


  4. These are lovely! Hope CHT goes bring you some inspiration!


  5. So exciting to get done a long-ish warp . . . now you can think about what’s next!

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  6. I like what you did with the colors in the checks and the stripes. It’s fun to plan different looks from one warp too! Nicely done, Barb! Enjoy the conference.


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