Change the Color

Jewel on the loomSo I skipped threading the heddles and sleying the reed, by tying on a new warp to the last warp on the loom. From earthy Autumn to Jewel tones the warp has changed. These colors just made me feel happy as I wove. There will be 5 Cottolin (cotton and linen blend yarn) towels.

Jewel False Satin Towels

One of the towels will be for me and the remaining four are for sale in the Gallery at the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, Guild House . The color in the photo on the loom is better than of the finished towels. Funny how different light sources affect the captured image.


This Santa ornament was added to our Christmas tree this year. It was made from a Mill Hill beaded counted cross stitch kit. The kits contain everything one needs to complete the project. The beads add sparkle to the piece. I’ve started stitching a new ornament for next year.  The tree is decorated for Christmas and awaiting packages to be placed beneath.

8 responses to “Change the Color

  1. Gorgeous! They glow like stained glass windows. Santa is pretty cool, too. I am tempted to do needlepoint ornaments but I’m beating back the urge. 🙂


  2. Love the colors in the towels! I think I need one of those. The Santa ornament is beautiful. Your work is always lovely!


  3. The towels look great–the colors make me think of traditional Amish quilts.


  4. As usual, your color sense is great. These towels will be a nice addition to anyone’s home. I, too, love to tie on when possible; sure saves time! I’m amazed at your cross stitch ornaments! Merry Christmas!


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