In the Shadows

IMG_5379It is so nice to be able to weave again. The work is completed on the house, (sigh of relief). I have almost finished washing all the crystal and china to put back into the cabinets. It makes me wonder why I collect depression glass.

On the loom is an 8 harness shadow weave. They will be towels when completed. The 8/2 cotton is from Webs in a black and light gray. The colors alternate in the warp and weft, except at pattern block transitions where 2 shots of black are used. Keeps me on my toes. I really like the business of the pattern.

I was surprised at the size of this bubble bee collecting pollen from the snap dragons in pots on the deck. With temps the last few days in the upper 80’s those snapdragons are beginning to fade . Soon some summer annuals will be planted to replace.


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  1. They are certainly going to be elegant towels! What size will they be? The hand towels I wove a few months ago seem too large to me.
    Hope you’re happy with whatever was done on your house. I am looking forward to the kitchen re-do being completed too! There are 4 men down in the kitchen working away and two of them are real talkers. We’re always so glad when they leave for the day…

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    1. Deb, Thank you. They are about 20 inches wide in the reed and I will weave them 30 inches long. The woven length includes hems. The finished folded towel will be around 13 inches long in length. This works well in my kitchen. Hoping all your renovations go well.


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