American Swedish Institute

2DE7AFBB-6367-4890-BC62-6B9D0B271871On a recent trip to Minneapolis, Mn I visited the American Swedish Institute all  decorated for the holidays. Rooms were decorated for the different Scandinavian countries on how they celebrate the Christmas Season.


Traditional Swedish Costumes



0A660956-86ED-4054-8087-22C5E13EC7F8The spinning bees were usually hosted  by unmarried women.

Swedish Wall Hanging – Vaggbonad

Art weave – Konstvavnad



Swedish Wall Hanging – Vaggbonad

Art – weave – Konstvavnad


Bobbin Lace

Swedish Loom

Swedish Loom used by several generations to weave rugs and fabrics. Owned by Lars and Anna Lundin.


Merry Christmas to all. I hope you enjoy the traditions of past and present in your gatherings

8 responses to “American Swedish Institute

  1. Merry Christmas yo your and your family.


  2. What a great museum for a weaver and lover of textiles! Love that last photo of you on the Swedish horse! Have a lovely holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Inspiring pictures, Barb! I’ll have to put that museum on my “to visit” list next time I’m in the Twin Cities.


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