Autumn colors

IMG_6265Every autumn I weave a set of towels in colors of changing trees. There’s not much inspiration here, but my eye can take me back to the years spent in Minnesota.

The towels are a twelve shaft shadow weave, of 22/2 cottolin sett at 20 ends per inch. I used any where from 3 to 5 colors in their weaving. 3 colors in warp, The weft colors were changed as cones were used up to avoid adding to the stash.


The box above is the 4 shaft extension kit for the Spring loom. Not what I expected for all that money. Anyways it arrived a few days before Hurricane Harvey so was not assembled for several weeks. A few choice words were spoken during assembly.  ( Have you ever assembled IKEA pieces?) My recommendation is if you think you want 12 harnesses invest up front and purchase a 12 shaft loom.


This bundle of joy arrived a month ago to my Son and Daughter-in-law. We are lucky to live 5 hours away, making it easier to visit my first grandchild.


A Baby blanket was woven and gifted.


I’m finishing items for the CHH Annual Sale. So if your in the neighborhood visit and support the Fiber artists participating as well as the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston guild.


Signs of the coming winter with the Blue Heron returning to the community lake.




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  1. Now, that your extension is assembled, how do you like it? Love your color sense! The towels definitely remind me of midwestern falls.
    Perfect photo of you as a grandmother–have you decided what he’ll call you?


    1. Cheryl, It does weave beautifully and treadling is easier on my legs when using the 12 treadles than my other big loom with 8. Texsolve heddles probably is partly why. I only used 12 of the 14 treadles but could reach them on the 35in Spring without scooting on the bench. Thomas can call me grandma or whatever he can say I’m not that particular. Other grandmother goes by Gruder. They have other grandkids.


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