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With my 2 year term as President of the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston finished, I thought I would get back to writing more often on my Blog. Alas I found the theme I was using was outdated and no longer supported. So I have been spending time switching to a new layout. If something looks out of place, leave a comment. The site may still be a work in progress.

I’ve completed the scarf below. A small overshot pattern using 8/2 Tencel yarn in warp and 8/2 and 16/2 bamboo yarns for weft and tabby.

The last post showed a close up photo of the weave structure on the loom during weaving.
Cancun, Mexico the beach photo is inspiration for the next towels.
Inspired by beach in Cancun, Mexico

This fabric will become towels of 8/2 cotton, woven on 12 shafts, view is of back side of finished towels. This was the side up as woven. They are off the loom and you’ll see more next time.

I’ve been weaving quite a bit since the last post but not doing the finishing. So I’ve been attacking the pile of towels to be hemmed. There are also 2 scarves and a shawl needing fringe twisted. I love to weave and often just rush on to the next project.

Enchanted Rock outside of Fredericksburg, Tx

The state park had no more day passes to get a closer view, so this is from the parking lot as we turned around. It was too hot to hike by then ( 99 degrees), anyways. Now I can say I’ve seen it.

This is how we social distance in Texas. If this doesn’t get it across maybe the following will.

Personally I wouldn’t even want to be this closet them. Large dogs are not for me.

Courtesy of the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas. Very few people there which made it much easier to read all the displays and not have to worry much about social distancing.

I wrote this post over a month ago and my website is still a work in progress. So if things are amiss it will be repaired shortly. Nothing is moving quickly with the heat of summer upon us in Texas. And yes more weaving has been done, till later…


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