Holiday Weekend

Another unusual Holiday weekend as the pandemic continues. It might be said we had our holiday before the weekend when we went to a Beach west of Galveston for 3 days with my son and family.

The water in the gulf is not the clearest. The mud flowing from the Mississippi River flows thru these waters before being deposited. Hurricane Laura would have also stirred up the waters. Even though the beach did not have sugar sand, the grandkids loved playing on it.

To get out of the sun for a while I attempted working on this tapestry. The sound of the waves crashing was soothing, but the heat and humidity did not make for ideal conditions to work. Some day I’ll devote enough time to weave this off and begin a new project.

These are the finished Towels that were on the loom in the the last post.

And the sun rises on another day.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend

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  1. Lovely get away with your family. So much fun to spend time with your grandchildren. Here in BC our grandkids are back in school, and we are all doing everything we can to stay healthy.

    The towels look wonderful. I want to touch them.


    1. Thank you Barbara for your nice comments. In class room school is beginning this week here. So glad my grandkids are to young. We’re always wearing masks and limiting contact. Happy weaving


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