Coral inspired towels

Coral Towel Currently being woven on the loom are Coral inspired towels. The above picture highlights the center of the towel. The border has already wrapped around the front beam. This is a turned twill or block twill, where one block has the warp yarns mostly on top and the next block has the weft yarns mostly on top. I’m weaving with a 22/2 cottolin yarns, sett at 24 ends/inch on 8 harnesses. Except for the border the weft yarn for this towel is a natural cottolin. Since I will being weaving 5 towels, I plan to use a different weft color in a couple. I can also play with block sizes which will help to make the weaving less boring. This is a favorite weave structure of mine for playing with blocks of color.
Juvenile Night Heron
Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron seen on my walk last night.


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    1. Diane, Thank you. I’m fascinated by the birds I see at the neighborhood lake. On this towel the front border has some green shots and I have a smaller back border also with a couple of shots. Will probably try to some shots of green in the overall pattern in one of the other towels.


  1. That design is so pretty. When I eventually get to weaving the towels I’m planning they will be that their colour inspiration from the galah, a pink and grey parrot that’s common in my part of the world.


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