It is difficult to weave these days, that left footprint is much too large for the treadles on the loom. Achilles tendinitis is the main diagnosis. I’m not sure how long I’ll have the boot as an appendage. Weaving isn’t the only activity it has impacted, no more daily walks in the park.

This shawl was woven right before being booted. It has lots of fringe to twist. That’s a good activity to pursue. Then there’s the shawl woven on the same warp with a different color weft with fringe to twist. The weft for the shawl below is “whippel blue”. The shawl above has an “iris” weft. Twisting all that fringe should help keep me out of trouble.

Slow weaving is progressing on a secret project for my guilds annual swatch swap. I’ve found that the 8 treadles are all within reach of my good leg by turning slightly on the bench. Not the most ergonomic process. I don’t want to be labeled a “thrum bag”, so a little weaving will be done over the next days. I’ll write about what I’m weaving after the exchange.

Do your injuries prevent your pursuing your craft or do you find ways to work around them?

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  1. What a drag. Band weaving is looking like a good option right now. Maybe its an opportunity for a review of your library or stash if that is overdue for you, as it has been for me for a while. I wish you a good recovery.

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  2. Oh, no! My husband recently had ankle surgery and he feels your pain! He has had trouble weaving, too–when you’re used to using both feet, it’s not easy adapting. And yet, you’re trying! Hope it feels better soon!

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  3. Oh, my! That boot will certainly slow down your weaving! Time to pull out an Inkle loom or a Cricket loom from the Guild House. Take care of your foot!


  4. I am so sorry to see you all booted up, Barb! But with all the fringe twisting to, it doesn’t sound like you will be bored.
    Both of the shawls are quite beautiful in their own color way.
    Just try not to hasten the healing process as that usually just causes a setback.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

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