Snowflakes in Summer

Each year the the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston have a Swatch Swap that any member can join for a nominal fee. At the end of the previous year members pick the subject matter with this year’s subject being “Seasons”. Participants can interpret this as they wish.

This is the weaving I needed to finish when I found myself in the boot for Achilles tendinitis. So I wove this 8 shaft, 8 treadle, twill, one footed.

The warp is a baby blue, 10/2 Mercerized cotton, sett at 30 epi. For the weft I used a double shuttle with with one shuttle white 10/2 unmercerized cotton, and the second shuttle a translucent white metallic yarn. The finished fabric has a nice sparkle from the metallic yarn and will be made into table runners. The actual fabric is a prettier blue than what I was able to photograph.

I chose winter for my season. Living in Houston I miss snow. I especially miss it after the endless days of heat and humidity. I grew up with snow in Minneasota and still find it magical. Of course I don’t miss the subzero temperatures or the dirty gray snow piled along the roadways, but fluffy snow coating tree branches, and the ground will always bring fond memories of bygone days.

I am out of the boot. The foot still is not 100%, so on trips I throw the boot into the suitcase just in case.

I will be attending the Hand Weavers Guild of America Convergence conference in Reno, Nevada later this week and hope to see some of you there.

The Iris is from my mother-in laws garden, in Superior,Wisconsin.


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  1. What a lovely weave, Barb–and impressive also for being woven one-footed! Fancy twills really lend themselves to snowflakes. The white metallic is a nice touch. Enjoy Convergence!

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  2. Good morning, Barbara. I am happy to hear the foot is improving. And I think it’s wise to take it to Convergence where I am sure you will be walking more than usual.

    This pattern is beautiful! But I can’t imagine how slow the weaving must have been with one foot for ten treadles!

    I understand your feelings about snow having been raised in Wisconsin myself. I also miss the beauty of a snowy scene but not so much the reality of snow shoveling.

    This pattern is a good reminder that I should get started on weaving Christmas gifts soon.

    Have fun at Convergence!


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  3. Beautiful! Hope your foot will keep healing well! I have only sampled my double shuttle a little bit, and it is so nice to see your weft combination choice.


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