A Virtual Workshop

Turned Beiderwand 2: 1 ratio

Like most weaving guild’s, the one I belong to Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, does not want to meet in person. Our fall workshop Turned Beiderwand with Karen Donde was changed to a virtual workshop.

Turned Half Dukagang

I’ve never taken a virtual workshop, so this was a first. In many ways it was a normal workshop. The instructor sent directions for setting up your loom before the workshop and required supplies. You were able to interact with the teacher privately or in the group setting. She presented material to explain weave structure and how to weave. Each student wove there own samples, sharing with others their work.

Turned Paired-Tie

These things I saw as a negative to a virtual workshop. Instructors samples could not be seen while taking the workshop. We could see the samples the instructor had sent by going to the guilds building. This I plan to do someday this week before they are returned to her. The biggest factor was the change in socializing. Personal conversations are more limited with Zoom. Also lunches and our evening out as a group for Mexican food was not done.

Double Weave – 2

A big positive to having a virtual workshop is not having to tote your loom somewhere or use one your not familiar with. You don’t have to worry you left that cone of yarn at home you planed to use either.

Turned Extended Summer & Winter

Karen Donde was a wonderful instructor. It was obvious she had spent a lot of time in preparation. Yes, I would take another workshop from her. I’m not sure which of the many variations that one can do with this weave structure, I will try first. The workshop included more variations I have not shared.

If you are hesitant to take a virtual workshop, take the plunge and learn something new.


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