Exploring DDW

Often when I weave I’ll explore one weave structure for a while. The guild study group I’m a member of has been studying Deflected Double Weave this year via zoom of course.

There has been a resurgence of interest in this weave structure since the publishing of Marian Stubenitsky’s book, Double with a Twist. I’ve had fun exploring this book with it’s many examples of Deflected Double Weave. The above cowl is based off of a pattern found on pg. 123. I used Alpaca/silk in the warp set at 24 epi. Alpaca/silk and silk were used for the weft yarns. I like the bold pattern created.

This scarf was woven by tieing onto the previous warp. The warp threading was the same as the blue cowl, with the tie-up and treadling being different. This scarf was gifted to my daughter for her birthday.

The weaving continues to fill my days during the pandemic. Better days appear ahead with the coming of Spring and my first COVID shot.

My Christmas cactus with seasonal confussion. The blooms were enjoyed none the less.


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