Spicing up Huck Lace


Varigated warp, Solid weft

Huck Lace is traditionally  done the same solid color in both the warp and weft. The floats that create the design, are more visible with a solid color scarf. But why always follow tradition in your weaving, explore! So that is exactly what I have done with these two scarves. The weave structure is the same Huck lace pattern used in the previous post Love that huck.

The first scarf used a Varigated 8/2 Tencel warp. The weft was a solid color to coordinate with the darker color in the warp. The second scarf used a metallic quilting thread as the weft. Here the same warp was used as in the first scarf. The metallic  weft created texture in the scarf after washing.


Varigated Tencel warp. Metallic quilting thread weft.


10 responses to “Spicing up Huck Lace

  1. Beautiful scarves, Barb. I love that you continue to push the boundaries between traditional and contemporary.


  2. Lovely scarves. Like the metallic thread as weft


  3. Very nice using the metallic weft! What was the difference in ppi between the two?

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    • The ppi for the solid Tencel was 20 to have a balanced lace weave. The ppi for the metallic was much higher about 34-36. The metallic quilting or machine embroidery thread was much finer. So they open lace areas are smaller in size.

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  4. These are gorgeous! And so very interesting because of the cool changes you made!

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  5. Lovely scarves! And metallic quilting thread is a great idea! Was there any differential shrinkage or did it behave itself?


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