Love that huck

Light Purple Huck laceI’ve been busy weaving Huck lace scarves. It is one of my favorite weave structures. The first were these lovely purple tencel ones. I modified the draft from one for 12 harnesses to weave on 8 harnesses. But it still creates a nice pattern.Silver grey huck scarf

Being happy with the first 2 scarves, I tied on a new warp. These used a silver-gray tencel for the warp and weft. Later I played with the extra warp making samples for possible later projects. Using different types of yarn for the weft, as well as a different weave structures to create a crimp weave samples too.

When  the metallic quilting thread was used for top of sample in photo 1, it remained soft after washing. This same metallic thread was used in the second sample photo. The crimp process gave a rough hand which would not work for a scarf. The third photo an 8/2 poly was used in weft giving a much nicer hand for this crimp weave sample.

If you’ve read this far I hope you enjoy the sunset at the beach in Cancun, Mexico, taken on a recent vacation.April 2016 557


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  1. Beautiful scarves, Barb, and the beaded fringes really add to the luxury! I’m impressed that you are using up all your warp by sampling. I know I should sample at the beginning of the warp, but I’m always so excited to start the project that the samples come last. Sometimes the samples are the best part!


  2. I’ve been helping out at an Intro to Weaving class. The students are embarking on their own projects now and one has chosen to make a huck lace table runner. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I agree, it’s a pretty structure and your scarves turned out so well.


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