Busy Summer Days

This stool was started in a workshop at the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference in June. I don’t always finish theseprojects that are started in workshops and this one was not even half done when our class time was over. So I am so proud of myself for completing this loom stool. It is 12 inches high. Can’t forget to show the bottom side of this stool, too.

The Huck Lace scarves on the loom last post were woven off. I enjoyed weaving them so much I tied on a second warp and wove another 2 scarves this time in dark teal. All these scarves were finished with twisted fringe and beads.

Indoors, I wasn’t getting true colors when photographing so I took the above scarves outdoors on a sunny ☀️ day. By setting up in the shade of our trees to avoid shadows. I finally got a decent photo of the shawl that won 2nd place in the members exhibit at CHT. This was really a difficult piece to photograph.

One of the study groups I belong to, Westside Weavers, had an indigo dye day this week at Penny’s house in the country. Some of the pieces below are drying on the line.

Watch the indigo change as it oxidizes. When removed from the dye bath the pieces are a teal green and then change before ones eyes to blue. MAGIC!

I hurriedly wove a handwoven shibori scarf last week to dye. The scarf is plain weave with the pattern pull strings woven in a twill pattern every 6 picks. In the past I’ve always dyed my handwoven shibori scarves with procion dyes that were painted on. I’ve always wanted to try dyeing one by dipping in an indigo bath. The finished results can be seen below. yes I will finish twisting the fringe but I wanted to share.

Summer isn’t over yet so there is still time to find some inspiration.

13 responses to “Busy Summer Days

  1. I am impressed. You have been so productive this summer, and summer is only half over. I can’t wait to see what you do in the 2nd half of summer. The little stool turned out great!


  2. One word—Lovely!!!

    Glad you went to indigo dye day! Indigo is so fascinating—


  3. Your bench is fantastic and your scarves lovely as ever.


  4. Love that stool, both the wooden frame and the seat weaving.


  5. I have an old stool just like that–it’s a Shaker style, with fabric tape for the seat and the tape is really a mess. I always think about weaving a new seat . . . but haven’t yet. Maybe you’ll inspire me!


  6. Nice job with the stool!!! Lovely!


  7. You have been busy! Congratulations on finishing your stool. One of our guild members took such a class last year and gave a short program on the process. Now we all want stools! Your scarves are lovely and the shawl is exquisite! Dyeing fascinates me. I didn’t know that indigo reacted like that.


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