Deflected Double Weave Mobius

A weaving friend told me that she was making mobius’s instead of fringed scarves. So what the heck is a mobius.

A mobius strip, is a one-sided continuous surface, formed by twisting 180 degrees a long narrow rectangle then connecting the two ends together.

So instead of weaving a scarf with fringe, weave to the chosen length, take this strip of fabric attaching the front of one narrow end to the back of the other end. This puts the twist described above into the piece.

This mobius and the one at the beginning of the post were woven using designs from the book “Double with a Twist” by Marian Stubenitsky. They were woven with 8/2 Tencel in the warp and weft . Yarns from Webs. A 5 yd warp of 240 ends, sett 20 ends per inch, gave me 3 mobius’s.

For the first mobius I treadled one repeat of pattern on pg. 16, than changed the tie-up for the next variation using the same threading. I continued the process of changing the tie-up to weave variations 3 and 4. I repeated the process to weave to the desired length.

Mobius 2 used variation 3 pg. 17, repeated to the desired length. A slightly different green weft yarn was used for this mobius. So it is not just due to lighting in the photos if you see a difference in color.

Alas, I meant to publish this mid October but got distracted. Hopefully the next post will be sooner….

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