Melissa’s Towel

Sometimes weaving starts from wanting to create something beautiful for someone we love. That was the motivation for weaving these towels.

My son and his wife, Melissa have these chairs in their eating area off the kitchen. Using the inspiration of this fabric I created shadow weave towels.

Marian Powell’s, 1000 (+) Patterns in 4, 6, and 8 Harness Shadow Weaves. This is my go to book when I am using this weave structure.

I choose an 8 shaft shadow weave, using 2 variations of the pattern.

The first number on each pattern means the number of harnesses required, these requiring 8 harnesses. The second is the pattern number, these being pattern 30. And the last number is the variations number within the base pattern. The directions for each pattern shows the profile draft, the threading and the treadling.

These 3 shades of blue were chosen, Marine, Blue, and light blue, in unmercerized 8/2 cotton

Towels while being woven on the loom. Plain weave for hems, followed by the border. Shadow weave is a two shuttle weave. It looks best if the value difference in the colors selected to weave next to one another is large.

Different views of finished towel.

These towels were a lot of fun to design and weave.


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